6.9. Haggatha & Leechfeast

(sludgy doom from canada)
First the Earth cooled. Then the dinosaurs came. Then Haggatha arrived and shit all over your mind.
It’s probably not going to catchy anyone off guard in terms of overall style or affect, but the thickened sound offers a fuller presentation than most of the sludge-core end of the genre while also shunning much of the “we play really fast and just pretend it’s slow” ethic that seems to typify this generation’s take. Their tactics are certainly familiar, but sometimes you just want sludge to sound like sludge, not black or death metal. (stolen from theobelisk.net)

(doomy sludge from slovenia)
Brings peace to lions.
take some doom and some sludge. spice it with some crust. stir it up, colorize it purple and put it in the oven by 666°C for some hours. Now you have a Leechfeast. Bon appétit.


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NO PUNKS IN GRADEC: introduction, festival, homepage*


courage and a brick is now a member of a new found (radical) diy collective based in gradec/graz.
NO PUNKS IN GRADEC* is a collective made up of people who have been doing things like organizing diy-shows, booking/playing tours, publishing fanzines or releasing records for quite some time past. In our opinion, DIY means: “Do it yourself”, but certainly not “Do it alone”, which, in terms of its omnipresent “dogfight-mentality”, would much more apply to present-day capitalist society. Even more, DIY also means “Do it together” for us. This collective was created for the cause of helping each other out in order to make passionate music possible. We are well aware of the fact that we are compulsorily still part of capitalist society. By being passionate about punk music in all its facets, be it catchy pop-rock sounds, d-beat, crust or whatsoever, we are capable of perceiving it as means of aestheticization, as well as criticizing it as such. Punk is Punk, at least sometimes. DIY, or “Do it together” – acting collectively, can only be understood as organizational necessity to avoid further growth of capital. Nevertheless, we again and again have to face certain obstacles, which are to overcome somehow. Despite being part of the spectacle, we try to address social asymmetries and to exercise emancipatory behavior.
This is the basis we build on. Even if motivation and opinion often differs among the individuals involved, we always conduct self-reflexive discourse in order to be able to make decisions based on consensus and to roughly position ourselves as collective.

To solemnize the formation and the new homepage (diy-gradec.at*) the collective is organizing 4 shows in 5 days with 14 bands as:
sailing on (de),
locktender (us),
determination (CANCELLED)
run with the hunted (us),
unveil (ch),
left in ruins (it),
masakari (us),
alpinist (de),
børedøm (aut),
the fight (pl),
aussitot mort (fr),
nine eleven
grieved (se),
no omega (se),
my turn (gr)

* if you check out the homepage, make sure to activate the crust-mode!

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Free Pussy Riot! soli fest. w/ RoIR, Butcher Babes, Integrationsresistent

hc-punk from novi sad (srb). The goal was to run away from the every day worn out things and times in which we had entered. Songs are about experiencing the present days, loosing close people, personal feelings, jealousness, envy, vain… (stolen from rebuildcollective). For fans of ekkaia, madame germen, alpinist and other neocrust non-heroes…

Butcher Babes straps-punk-deluxe from gradec/graz (aut). With raging drums, screaming guitars, inovativ bass-lines and roaring vocals, the Butcher Babes kick their way right into your head.
Theit diverse lyrics are about “fucking uniform-wearers”, itching asses, defloration or also racism and self-empowerment. Don`t miss these Riot-Grrrrls!

Integrationsresistent is a 5 piece anarchist diy band based in vienna (aut). They are making punk a threat again.

+ DJ_anes/Aftershowparty: tba

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next show: 31.5. Ignominy & Rise after defeat

ignominy / rise after defeat IGNOMINY takes thick, dense, pulsating anguish and wraps it around an intense emotional dirge that reeks of filthy passion. They play slow-moving riffs that evoke a sense of loss when you hear them, and the vocals are bleeding out of the singer’s mouth and into your brain (stolen from cvltnation)

“a furious blend of intense and passionate hardcore” (stolen from strikedown)

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legal note:
The SUb is a self-organized, non-commercial and non-profit association. All activities and events that take place at SUb are therefore no public events, but events for registered club members. The membership of the club can be acquired by visiting an event.

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